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Saturday, September 5, 2009

the meet


over the pass week, the cow head incident has been the center of the talks among people.

there were waves of saliva that goes back and forth , to and fro. where u can see people try to resolve, evade, settle the problem using explanations that are stupid,and ignorant towards the whole problem.( pls defending the one that are obviously wrong is like the dumbest decision ever)

and then in hope of clearing the problem, they hav a town meeting which obviously ended up preeeeeeeety baaaaadly.

anyone who is aware of the situation and how similiar things are often settle knows that tis is gonna end up with nothing achieved. we would be considered lucky that a riot didnt break out.

finger pointing again*groan, i wonder if there even all resident from sec 23,if u ask me, they look like they are performing or something.
point back! greatest come back of the year, well at least they don seem so ganas.kesian,they are the victims here,i mean the bigger victim sorry.
stop stop! i dunno who to help now, pls help me choose side, because being neutral is not in my dictionary.
the tailo here den announce that the relocation will be shelved (yea, more like frozen!FOREVER!)
way to go, now the protesters win again, no need to relocate, they discuss later date, lets say 100 years later when evryone around tis time is long gone. ZzZzZzZz , for wat hav dumbass town meet la. they probably knew tis would happen.


“Muslim sensitivities” was used by the Malay residents of Section 23 as the central reason to reject the Hindu temple relocation, but when some were asked today what these “sensitivities” really were, none of them could give a straight answer.

Yet Malay residents of Section 23 said they felt their religion, Islam, had been profoundly threatened by the temple relocation proposal by the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government.

It prompted them to take to the streets with a cow’s head recently to defend their religion; it drove them to discard civic consciousness and adopt extreme measures, to go as far as insulting another religion, knowing full well such action could lead to physical confrontations.(omg tis sounds like their PSP got taken away by the playground bully or something and they got too emo and decide to take the bullies playtoy and step on it)

“It would disrupt traffic flow,” said one female resident of Section 23 when asked what exactly these Muslim sensitivities are"(holy crap! what cock reason is dat?)

WAIT! it gets worst.

It was organised to resolve the deadlock but sadly, the event was fruitless after it transformed into a free-for-all verbal assault session, when the residents turned rowdy and began insulting Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and other PR leaders.(well , talk about wanting to solve it peacefully)

Residents threw racial insults towards the leaders. They rejected any alternative proposals even before the leaders had managed to raise them. Some accused the leaders of insulting Islam if they were to go on with the relocation.(wow, now that get the flow of it, they throw everything out ei?)

“We don’t like the smells. It would be noisy and the temples would usually get bigger so we just don’t want it to be near our homes,” said another resident, Roshan, 42, on why he was against the temple being built there.(shit! tis has nothing to do wit rasicm at all man, its probably just stereotyping, i say BULL SHIT!)

When suggested that Malays in other parts of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur have no problems with Hindu temples being built near their houses, even when these areas are predominantly Malays, Roshan rebutted gushingly.“I am from the May 13 generation,” he said, referring to the infamous racial riots four decades ago. “(Malays in these areas are fine because) the land there is limited,” he said.(so quite obvious they dam scared the indians will multiply and overwhelm them,and 4 decades hasnt made him anymore mature ei?)

Throughout the “dialogue”, residents insisted their rejection of the temple relocation had nothing to do with racism and that they were not extremists.They boasted of their harmonious ties with their Indian counterparts but blame the temple relocation proposal and its proposer, the PR government, as the cause of the strained interracial bond.(WAH! now they want to blame even more people, i would say the harmonious tied was because the indian are small in amount there , and just a note of reminder! THEY bloody brought the cow head in and practically broke the so called tie with a bloody cleaver!talk about contradictions)

They failed to define how a Hindu temple built some 300 metres away from their houses was insensitive towards Islam but one cannot but feel that as the fiasco goes on, more and more of these Muslim sensitivities will be raised in their arguments.(quite obvious not much problem regarding Islam lo, the female above say traffic congestion is more logical,if thats the case the cow head is definitely uncounted for!)

and thus the meeting didnt end will and the problem was shelved, it kinda shows when protesters such as those came out shouting and yelling like gangsters , uncivilized. the point of the meet was to settle things in a civilised fashion. it kind of makes me think, those shouting and protesting, insulting and confronting others, they are so high mighty about how tis relocation will affect the sanctity of their religion. den i have one question oni.


i think i made my point. good day people.



cheahwey said...

Actually, I'm wondering why I haven't seen any comments by the Indian community from Sec 23 in the papers.

And also, if the Indian community from else where can sue the British government and demand monetary compensation for historical events, why not this community sue the barbaric residents for sedition?

There's no question whether the incident incites hate or not, because even though the culprits deny responsibility (citing overwhelming emotions that drove them to commit such travesty), they have broken the law. That's why there's this phrase called "CRIME OF PASSION".

If every bozo committed a crime and was hoping to get away scot free, pleading that they got carried away because of their emotions, we wouldn't need a justice system, would we?

benjaminvai said...

lol. yeap bozo are all over the world
. wat are we to do.

my future is at stake. *groan*

Unknown said...

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