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Thursday, September 10, 2009

the ipoh journey.crap all i got are these lame pics. lol

went to ipoh on 08/09/09 with leah for movie day. lol. she woke my ass up at 7.30am lol we were suppose to go out that time already. Had cake for breakfast and we were off. reached bus stop at 8.15 board bus at 8..45. reached jusco kinta 10 plus. den we bought tics for Gi joe and Up. den we went to the stupidest place to eat. chatter kopitiam was the name. located at ground floor oppoite the kfc and mcd area. bloody cutthroat place. where got half boil egg two piece 2.50 wan. go die la . kluang station oso 1.80 oni la. haha walked around and went into the show.

G.I Joe was first , one thing i hav to say, shockwave gun and blasters = imba. well i remembered being a fan of tis cartoon last time but nv actually put much thought in it. it came out along with its so all rival cartoon series called action man. during those times i thought g i joe was the main character. overall this shows deserves a 3/5 . i mean u hav to give a bit of credit to them who invented some nice weopen concepts. and they look cool doin them. the story plot is just about the same as all military win terrorist thing. terrorist gets all the imba weopens but somehow the hero prevails. so no points for storylines. lol and so much for brendan fraser being in the show.
here is a fun fact. the kid playin young storm shadow acted in tropic thunder as the leader of a coccaine production centre in vietnam. thats that. Had a great time laughin during the whole about how stupid or crazy was some of the ideas.

Den we went to mcd and eat .
tis is wat happen. the onli pictures taken were these lame ass ones

yaep nuf said. thats how lame lunch was. haha!btw for ramadhan month they hav another lunch slot during dinner 6-9 the 5.95 meal . lol
den we went strolling around and went to watch UP

sweet show. funny at times. nicely done. voices were good. the story was interesting it was illogical and logical at the same time. go watch it. its quite worth it. 4.5/5 of my ratings haha something fresh la . notice that mostly all these animations are goin 3D haha.

den we went jalan jalan bought some clothes and accesories lo. (no pictures)

den took cab and bust back reach kampar makan at kam leng den took cab back to westlake and rested. =)

that was my first posts on wat i did in a day. haha.boooooring near i mean the post. the day rocked it was so fun :D.



Unknown said...

3.5/5 for gi joe?! im happy for u la.

benjaminvai said...

what u mean bro? happy for me"? lol i found a lot humour in it. makin jokes at it

☺仪仪☻ said...

4/5 for ur post haha~
Not bad ma~XD

benjaminvai said...

@ yi yi. lol thnx =)

Unknown said...

lol u rate a movie based on how much jokes u could make from it? special nya hhaha

Unknown said...

happy for u la since u didnt suffer throughout the movie like i did

benjaminvai said...

well. when the movie is not good. den u hav to laugh at it la. like how we did for fireball . lol

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