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Saturday, September 26, 2009

found an online game to play. *pandora saga*


lol not sure if its good. looks cool.

i m oni bout lvl 4 , i m still mmorpg intolerant. haha

but the comments were bad. so its kinda a bit of a put off wit the laggy bandwidth i m getting lol

so den again i might screw tis.



Unknown said...

the others are playing WoW but i would advice you not to start as it is too damn addictive

Calvin said...

This game nice?

benjaminvai said...

@ynot :i heard lester is starting but who else?

@calvin ma ma dei la

Unknown said...

lester started quite some time ady. bern is on trial. bird played damn long ago. ed also might start i think. they wanna quit dota ma lol

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