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Sunday, September 13, 2009


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finals are here again,
and again,i m NOT studying.

i must be the most pathetic guy in the world . lol.
i even did wat i dislike the most jus to NOT study.
i m posting pics. vy vy random pics.

taken from the bus stop. always got tis type of scenery wan. lol
outside the window of my room.
assignment work for conceptual design. with oni crayons. tis took ages to get the colour scheme proper
tis one easier. lol cheap colours. no mixing shading or watnot.

tis is my ferrari. 2000 horsepower and accelarates from 1 - 100 in 0.5 secs ( yeah right! ) lol. VAI is my initial. 1592 is my house number:P custom made the number plate. aint it cool~

my friend. banyak budak. his attempt to shelter from the sun.
my moral assigment,Interactive media assignment,public speaking,colour study and e commerce group. love them. ^.^
tis is onli half of wat 6-7 basketballers drink after a session. i swear there were more . we counted 55 cups of suet cha,herbal tea cokes and hundred plus.
my friend (the guy) and his gf (who is oso my friend) look alike hor they all .loltis was taken without them knowing leh. action oso sama.
ah! see. who nv mark . left him open kau kau. lol.

oh well i malas upload more cause take some time lo. da line is slow cause i m downloading a lot of shit for my sem break ^^ lol

take care ya all

sorry julien for posting the pic up again . haha. i know hate it a bit.
PC is u ever read my blog. sorry oso. ^^ but not sincerely to u. lol


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