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Sunday, September 20, 2009


have u ever felt like:

  1. havin ten cheese burgers at one go?
  2. fly?
  3. dance till u drop?
  4. drink till u drop?
  5. take over the world?
  6. save the world?
  7. climbing to the top of the mountain and shout something REALLY offensive?
  8. punch a guy just for fun?
  9. slap a girl just for fun?
  10. borrow 1 million and never give back?
nth else would b more perfect den to have ur dreams come true hor?

dam it i feel like i m growing up too fast.

year 2 in my degree and already i m feeling quite old?
not old in looks la. mayb like thinking or something lo.seriously.

i tak mau jadi si tua yang suka duduk kat porch bangolow dia and jerit kat kanak kanak curi buah la

actually gaming is good la , haha. at least u keep up to times. den u can be the grandpa dat owns in tekken 15 by then.

loving kampar so much, love it when i an just walk to the basketball court and shoot some hoops , love it when i bring u to makan. love the cheap food here. love the atmosphere. to me i couldnt find any where else more suitable to end my schooling life den kampar. haha.
but i oso know that not many people will understand wat i mean la. lol . people think its boring here. its boring cause YOUR boring la.

ei budak u tak suka UTAR ka? u ada masalah ka? den DON STUDY HERE LO DOINK!. some people just wan complain how stupid UTAR is tis and that. standard low la and crap like dat.
ever think dat it might u who are the low and crap of it?guna otak sikit can o not?
if ure so smart and high standard. den don come here study and whine like a pussy la. small complains ok la. don go make poem and stupid essays bout utar ,might as well u use those abilities and mayb write a letter of complaint with proof to the administrator. fight for wat u wan la. not whine and show stupid childish hatred. ure not a kid anymore.
Basicly , i like utar i really do, the administrators kinda of suck la. but i like the lecturers and the way most of them run things. haha .sporting lecturers are great to have.
Utar education standard is quite high lo. at least most lecturers are dedicated. not to mention they are the result of korekan UTAR from many big Us and colleges. lol. why complain?
don like den FUCK OFF. don say here cheap there far. if u wan a good education as u say it. i doubt u would mind working hard for a scholarship or travelling further for ur studies.

Miss home sometimes. mom's cooking and how we ejek each other, my bro's constant whining over his stuff that are broken and tings like dat. i really hope they are doin well. gonna see them soon. Being far away from home really makes me appreciate my family more and more. i m happy. that even though my dad is gone. the three of us stuck together and actually live through so much hardship. we're still not yet stable. hope i can grad wit good results and get a job. that way mom wont be so tired all the time. REALLY WORRIED BOUT HER HEALTH LA! sigh.
Miss my friends oso. bernard josh lester tony marvin ++. lol. wanna go play ball with them. DOTA oso can la if really no choice. samadians, so many i hav never seen so long. those were the days. really it was. mostly carefree. ponteng and staying back for bball. greatest times.

elements of life. friends and families. i m really enjoying my self here.don get me wrong. but even i get home sick once in a while now :P.

lucky can go back soon for my cousin's wedding and oso sem break lo. haha.

life is always up and down, unfair and tough deal with it. HAHA.


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