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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking around~

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been a while since i post anything worthwhile,
and den this would prove to be another failure.

i look all around me
lots of friends are coupling together,
den got one who two break oso la.
and den we hav those who wish to find one,
looking at it, it really seems that getting your other half in uni is something good.
but tolerance patience and understanding are always tested.
good luck people.

assignments are almost done, can finally feel the air lifting.
really is an annoying thing(assignments)
but its better den studying 100% for finals la~

its always the end of my year 2 sem 1.
time sure flew pass by
let me recap what happen to me in the first year.

enrolled in UTAR AV degree course

den found out i was one months late for it.

got my room one week later 1592 b2.(great house and room till recently)

got to class and invited in to my classmates group.

played for 4 sems of basketball for FAS but yet to emerge with one win during carnival let alone
get 1st place. (my time will soon come)

got my laptop

acer aspire 4920. still thinking of a nickname for it. LoL

got dumped after a two and a half year relationship~ sigh~ it wasnt my fault~

clicked wit evryone in class, housemates and basketball mates.

totally in love with santa poring-chan.XD

so many things happen, i m loving kampar with a passion. i just hope it doesnt become too industrilialized. the pollution lvl is increasing slowly

DAM IT , i m writing tis blog and i think the haze is back again! i hope not. malas wan go check outside.

Missing my dudes back at PJ, those ta kei sessions and night yumcha-ing at the park.and of course movie sessions and bball sessions.dam i sound so gay, i miss the company. not that the company here sucks. ahaha. they rock both sides.

i m WAY too lazy to post pics man!~ its a drag for me. i hav like a hundred images of kampar here and i m too lazy to even put up one. haha, onli God knows when i will finally decide to put one up :P

oh well~ thats the end of this post .

here is what some kid has to say about capitalism~ haha


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