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Friday, August 28, 2009

it rained

it rained from twelve plus yesterday till mayb 2 in the morning? and now its 9 in the morning and
it is kinda cold. haha. kinda la.

if i say dam cold.
my readers from australia gonna flame me. haha

hmm. assignments are DONE!! *winks hwey*

but i still have the feeling that something is still on. hahalike something i forgot to do.

hope its just a feeling and it will go away. either dat or i hope i remember it.

my cousin san is getting married on my exam day. damn it i cant go back!

sem break is not too far away. although its a short one.
miss mom and bro a lot.
come back go shopping wit them la haha.

i m feeling happy now! oh so free . lol



cheahwey said...

Is it like the end of semester for you or something?

benjaminvai said...

yeap!. onli got one public speaking presentation and finals left, i don usually study for finals oso. haha

Nic said...

shopping?? seldom hear that from guys like

benjaminvai said...

haha. i always go shopping wit mom wan. lol tesco for the groceries and ikea /ikano for all the daily no needs!

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