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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i m not too sure.

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not sure if this templates suits me o not.
but i do like the green.

i wanted to try the pink wan. but its not working out as i wanted.


well. i m feeling a bit more uplifting now. lol

the rain is so cooling!

and my assignments are 95% done.
although i doubt high marks for me .

i finish my canvas art.
although it looks abstract. i doubt its accpetable to the lecturer. q: . oh well
i say"screw it"
i had enough of this subject
love the theory and how it says that colour changes ur emotion and attracts u.
but my artistic side is just not surfacing at this time. i hope i near future it does.
i m creative, but that doesnt mean i m artistic.

i comeback wit witty lines
i persuade with pride
i make products sound good.
but i somehow cant make product look good when drawn. lol.

oh well. more practice is needed den.
sigh. wish i could draw better~~~~ sad shit

on the happier note. after todays assignments, its smooth sailing till sem break. YES i included finals and the last two presentations....

phew~ this sem suck.
haha. not suck la. just vy vy tiring and annoying.
oh well.
next sem . i m gonna kick some subject ass.

p.s. gosh i hope i m unbarred.~

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