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Monday, August 31, 2009

~good guys wail~

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would u remember, the guy who fixed ur bike when it broke down?

would u remember, that guy who gave u rm0.10 when u needed it for a bus ride?

how bout the guy who picked up books for u when u fell down by the streets?

the guy who helped u when u were down?

good guy or girl, it somehow became a myth for good people now. i m not sayin u and i are bad people, but it does seem the real true definition of it has been buried deep in generations or evolution and advancement.

selfishness, greed , jealousy , few of many reasons it has been so hard for people to help each other

even if there is a true good samaritan, he or she wouldnt be seen that way anymore

"mayb he/she wants money"
"mayb a number?"
"a better reputation?"

stupid things like this always pops out . a simple thank u takes a billion years to come out.light years even.


society has definitely corrupted itself

where people who really truly hav a good and kind heart are nv known or remembered or even just existed. it somehow seems dat its not needed anymore.

anyhow , i still believe some are still out there, seekin for other comrads, just like how optimus calls out to his autobot mates, i shall do the same thing (: LOL

"i taipau, urge all good samaritan out there, to join us and once again take on the challenge of spreading good and kindness all over"

tis shows tells pretty much wat we should do ei? nice movie . watch it. its really good and its idea is really great!

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