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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

fast! rush! go ! stop stare. u can do it!

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the seasons here~
when we all rush
give it a push!
or we'll be crush

lets go ! all together now!
UTAR students GO GO GO!
dam! i m so lame, but its true!
the time has come
for us to stand tall

assignments are a bitch
but we still hav to do la!

its really a bloody drag.

but HOLD ON!

i m sure u guys will go on!

but here is the great good news!

for when we are DONE!

sweet scent of victory awaits

those who accomplished

this dark and annoying missiong of doom~

well~ i have to say. rushing for assignments arent really childs play. not just my course but for some other courses as well.. laugh all u wan those who had finished. but just to let u know. we don really care. we just do our best. we learn. its a part of life i guess. haha

4 more weeks. none of my subjects are done. SIX OF THEM and each has not just 1 assignment

why u ask? i didnt procrastinate ok?

its just that. we hav to wait for the assignments to be given. give la earlier! tell la clearer !
NVM la. i know when we are done. we can onli be stronger. and strongest we will be!


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