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Monday, August 31, 2009

i onli got one word for tis. imba~


this is just *speechless*


tony, is this wat u been playing?


tony. wtf.


~good guys wail~

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would u remember, the guy who fixed ur bike when it broke down?

would u remember, that guy who gave u rm0.10 when u needed it for a bus ride?

how bout the guy who picked up books for u when u fell down by the streets?

the guy who helped u when u were down?

good guy or girl, it somehow became a myth for good people now. i m not sayin u and i are bad people, but it does seem the real true definition of it has been buried deep in generations or evolution and advancement.

selfishness, greed , jealousy , few of many reasons it has been so hard for people to help each other

even if there is a true good samaritan, he or she wouldnt be seen that way anymore

"mayb he/she wants money"
"mayb a number?"
"a better reputation?"

stupid things like this always pops out . a simple thank u takes a billion years to come out.light years even.


society has definitely corrupted itself

where people who really truly hav a good and kind heart are nv known or remembered or even just existed. it somehow seems dat its not needed anymore.

anyhow , i still believe some are still out there, seekin for other comrads, just like how optimus calls out to his autobot mates, i shall do the same thing (: LOL

"i taipau, urge all good samaritan out there, to join us and once again take on the challenge of spreading good and kindness all over"

tis shows tells pretty much wat we should do ei? nice movie . watch it. its really good and its idea is really great!

Saturday, August 29, 2009



i loved tis movie so much. for a 2001 flick it has a decent story line and corny but funny lines .
the graphic and action for this film was considered one of the top notch ones of that era. downloaded it yesterday i watched it. still good ! haha brings back memories~ah~~


Friday, August 28, 2009

it rained

it rained from twelve plus yesterday till mayb 2 in the morning? and now its 9 in the morning and
it is kinda cold. haha. kinda la.

if i say dam cold.
my readers from australia gonna flame me. haha

hmm. assignments are DONE!! *winks hwey*

but i still have the feeling that something is still on. hahalike something i forgot to do.

hope its just a feeling and it will go away. either dat or i hope i remember it.

my cousin san is getting married on my exam day. damn it i cant go back!

sem break is not too far away. although its a short one.
miss mom and bro a lot.
come back go shopping wit them la haha.

i m feeling happy now! oh so free . lol


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i m not too sure.

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not sure if this templates suits me o not.
but i do like the green.

i wanted to try the pink wan. but its not working out as i wanted.


well. i m feeling a bit more uplifting now. lol

the rain is so cooling!

and my assignments are 95% done.
although i doubt high marks for me .

i finish my canvas art.
although it looks abstract. i doubt its accpetable to the lecturer. q: . oh well
i say"screw it"
i had enough of this subject
love the theory and how it says that colour changes ur emotion and attracts u.
but my artistic side is just not surfacing at this time. i hope i near future it does.
i m creative, but that doesnt mean i m artistic.

i comeback wit witty lines
i persuade with pride
i make products sound good.
but i somehow cant make product look good when drawn. lol.

oh well. more practice is needed den.
sigh. wish i could draw better~~~~ sad shit

on the happier note. after todays assignments, its smooth sailing till sem break. YES i included finals and the last two presentations....

phew~ this sem suck.
haha. not suck la. just vy vy tiring and annoying.
oh well.
next sem . i m gonna kick some subject ass.

p.s. gosh i hope i m unbarred.~

Monday, August 24, 2009

this is just sad. lol

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i m jus feeling so passive nowadays. i think i m burnt out~
wat to do leh

i dunno la
malas nak buat aper aper pun~

Thursday, August 20, 2009


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there is no way i would prevent from posting this!
i used love them so much
and den i grew up
but i m sure many of us will still remember them
but i have come to the extend that i still
keep track of where the series went
to me technically
wthout ultraman, i would much be the bully in class
the sense of justice thought to be lame
is actually quite effective in kids
thats why u shouldnt make the villian look too cool
THAT u leave it to the ANIMEs
all of ya


Looking around~

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been a while since i post anything worthwhile,
and den this would prove to be another failure.

i look all around me
lots of friends are coupling together,
den got one who two break oso la.
and den we hav those who wish to find one,
looking at it, it really seems that getting your other half in uni is something good.
but tolerance patience and understanding are always tested.
good luck people.

assignments are almost done, can finally feel the air lifting.
really is an annoying thing(assignments)
but its better den studying 100% for finals la~

its always the end of my year 2 sem 1.
time sure flew pass by
let me recap what happen to me in the first year.

enrolled in UTAR AV degree course

den found out i was one months late for it.

got my room one week later 1592 b2.(great house and room till recently)

got to class and invited in to my classmates group.

played for 4 sems of basketball for FAS but yet to emerge with one win during carnival let alone
get 1st place. (my time will soon come)

got my laptop

acer aspire 4920. still thinking of a nickname for it. LoL

got dumped after a two and a half year relationship~ sigh~ it wasnt my fault~

clicked wit evryone in class, housemates and basketball mates.

totally in love with santa poring-chan.XD

so many things happen, i m loving kampar with a passion. i just hope it doesnt become too industrilialized. the pollution lvl is increasing slowly

DAM IT , i m writing tis blog and i think the haze is back again! i hope not. malas wan go check outside.

Missing my dudes back at PJ, those ta kei sessions and night yumcha-ing at the park.and of course movie sessions and bball sessions.dam i sound so gay, i miss the company. not that the company here sucks. ahaha. they rock both sides.

i m WAY too lazy to post pics man!~ its a drag for me. i hav like a hundred images of kampar here and i m too lazy to even put up one. haha, onli God knows when i will finally decide to put one up :P

oh well~ thats the end of this post .

here is what some kid has to say about capitalism~ haha


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

fast! rush! go ! stop stare. u can do it!

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the seasons here~
when we all rush
give it a push!
or we'll be crush

lets go ! all together now!
UTAR students GO GO GO!
dam! i m so lame, but its true!
the time has come
for us to stand tall

assignments are a bitch
but we still hav to do la!

its really a bloody drag.

but HOLD ON!

i m sure u guys will go on!

but here is the great good news!

for when we are DONE!

sweet scent of victory awaits

those who accomplished

this dark and annoying missiong of doom~

well~ i have to say. rushing for assignments arent really childs play. not just my course but for some other courses as well.. laugh all u wan those who had finished. but just to let u know. we don really care. we just do our best. we learn. its a part of life i guess. haha

4 more weeks. none of my subjects are done. SIX OF THEM and each has not just 1 assignment

why u ask? i didnt procrastinate ok?

its just that. we hav to wait for the assignments to be given. give la earlier! tell la clearer !
NVM la. i know when we are done. we can onli be stronger. and strongest we will be!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

starlets~noobies~clueless newbies

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sometimes we think we noe wat we are doin
but here is the thing
no one but no one knows wat their doin
u think ure right
but who said ure right
u could be wrong
but who is to judge
simply say lo
simply do lo
the balance of the world
i m speaking of the universal wan
was not meant for humans to be put in
we're the main source of imbalance
yet we are here
trying to balance the so called imbalance
that was originaly caused by us ourselves


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