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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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ei u no standard la

ei can u high standard a bit ar?

what la u can u don come close to me ar? boh standard la u!

yea sure. eh pls la. i got standards wan k? shoo shoo!

if u nv heard these be4 its either u are in the so called *high standards* or u pretend not to hear it

sometimes,i find it heartbreaking when i hear or see these verses or those similiar to it, it just plain contradicts wit the popular quote"evryone is unique"
if evryone is unique den who are we to judge who has high standards and who has low standards?

would u prefer a rich dude wit a sports car who onli talks to his rich peers with hot girls


would u prefer a down to earth guy, not rich , just enough to go through a day and acts stupidly in front of his friends just because he wants evryone to be good and pleasant all the time?

which would u prefer?

stuck up vain guy or class clown happy guy?

some guys are just pure dicks and u wont know it. u think they are almighty with their highclass lifestyle and their rich dads and great GPAs and big club houses.


i would just prefer a simple guy , wearing tatered jeans and an old t-shirt who would think highly of those around him and would care and make sure evryone is happy by means of just showing how happy he is being wit u.

somethings and actually most things cant be measured by standards . seriously ~

if u are the person who thinks someone who isnt serious is low class and a slacker plus drop out. chances are. ure the one who should be called a drop out. cause ppl who aint serious. are the ones who are actually serious. their serious in their own way. because they don care how ppl think. as long as they live how they want and they care of how the people around them are doin.

i would later be the boy who is too poor to buy a flower for a sick friend , den to be a guy who brings a bouqutte of the highest quality flowers to show the people around them how great they are and not because he cares bout the injured person

so just a thought.

before u think compare or even say out things like comparing standards
think again. chances are ure wrong and u hav hurt someone really great and special to the world.
and u killed him ~

taipau!i don need standards~

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