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Thursday, July 9, 2009

picked up

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i guess i've been picked up once again from being a failure
^.^ thanks~

LoL, many assignments to be rushed , evryone is hectic as usual, well~~ u noe how it is la!
i think i screwed myself over and over again den came back again tis sem. i ust don notice it. lol
sometimes i feel tremendous pressure around me but i cant seem to pin point wat it is
guess i will just go along wit it

notice that my blog is practically dead borin, mayb i should start uploading cute cuddly , or disgusting pictures to attract attention , haha.

but i think i should just keep it discreet, if ya like my blog den read it. if ya dont. den i m sorry i couldnt please evryone! HAHAHAHA.

come all, try to come.
into my realm of uncertainty
come at ur own risk,
for it is ur own lives.

DAM i wish life was a bit more fantasy like! i wouldnt mind swinging a big ass blade killing monsters man.


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