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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

lol. randomness in my head~

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During the Calm before the storm , there are moving pictures and people who are pretty in punk , short fast and loud they were with switch blades and infidelity. i toast champagne for my real friends and of all the gin joints in all the world i would like to hav just 7 minutes in heaven before i start to dance dance and get busy livin or get busy dying.The take over the breaks over cause this ain't a scene its's an arm race and its a thriller cause ure crashing but you're no wave so thanks for the memories you charlatan

Friday night, i think we're alone now , so i'll take my chance , just the girl , the pop princess wanna catch ur wave and say goodnight ,i had a good day . when i m gone its the flipside, a long way to go .the reason why all i need is you is cause i wil be empty witout u

Oh beautiful soul , get your shine on, come to me , without u the stupid things make no good life . why is love so hard to find , that was then come to me , whats your name? just so u know cant let u go because u live we can go anywhere just go blow ur mind right back in the water feeling invincible, leavin told u so not your enemy, how do u sleep running, relapse my baby ,make up and departure.

i need a place for my head, forgotten, its pushing me away , i m by melf runaway crawling i need cure for the itch , a papercut , with u in the end one step closer to high voltage. i need somewhere i belong , i need a foreword a session , don't stay! hit the floor! faint! lying from you breaking the habit from the inside but nobody is listening its easier to run den be numb,i wake i given up i bleed it out i m gonna leave out all the rest in the shadow of the day with hands held high no more sorrows in between valentines day , laying in pieces and the little things give u away~


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