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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

lets go. use the heart!!!!

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i have a heart that think continuously and illustrates
the 100 pages of wishes that I want to accomplish
I believe the true victory or defeat,
can definitely be found there

The notebook thrown high up,
at that page that will open by chance,
I tried writing everything that comes to mind

Subjects that I am concerned with: first love; things that I desire for;
the words of those whom I respect.
Even the things that can't be mentioned here, [secret]
is written here anyway.

So eventually, my dream (ambition) will also be written repeatedly with this fat pen.

This raging heart that turns endlessly and working tirelessly:
the 100 pages of hopes that I want to make come true.
The number of times I give up and the number of failures were the same.
The data that can be derived
from this unpleasant experience,
proves that the number of times that I didn't give up and the number of times I succeed were the same.


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