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Thursday, July 16, 2009

* Jogging *

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life is kinda like jogging up and down a hill

its 5 am in the morning,
and u need to jog 20 laps around a hill goin 300 meter up ,100m sideways and another 300m down.
and den lets take into account dat u are a good runner and u are used to a good 5 laps around the field
the first five laps up and down the hill is gonna be easy peesy,
and den it starts to burn as u go up and ease out when u go down
by the twelth lap. ur legs start to burn~ u breath heavily , ur lungs and head crave for an out burst of energy, and den the taboo thought comes in"give up"
if u do , all ur efforts are wasted
if u dont, den u might still find a way to take it!
and when u go ahead the last and final lap. u are certain. u can hear a cheer of crowds in a giant stadiumalla round u.

u see life is like the story. its like jogging, up and down and up again. the ups and downs of life. make u wanna quit. make u give up. but if u can somehow pull through it.onli greatness awaits those who hav tried and sweat hard enough to earn true enjoyment.

so keep it up people.its how u see ur self dat u are able to make ur self today +)


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