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Saturday, July 11, 2009

i notice

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i notice that ppl tend to allow them self to lose control
they just dunno what their doin anymore

i notice when the snow falls , it gets cold and
ppl wanna get warm and when its hot
we wan that snow
their is a balance in life
and we wanna find it
but somehow along the way
we lost that balance
and in my view.


we might nv find it again.
we wrecked it. wit our own greed.
our own desire to go so fast
dat we overtook mother nature. and left her behind

we cut a forest in a few days
mother nature can onli grow them back in years

we invent air conds and fridges
when the ozone couldnt even thicken

we pollute the air wit smoke and ekzos , fumes and haze
but does the earth hav its own purifier? could that tiny purifier u bought for a few bucks help shape up the earth again. {i think NOT}

i hate myself, for the fact that i TOO couldnt let my self go anymore.
from laptops, handphones, internet, and cars
i crave for a better sound system. a faster processor
better graphics, new movies.
i wan a ten mp camera phone, wit THX sound system,
i wan someone to invent a VR gaming device.

this imbalanced life that we hav made our self in. could nv be chged ever again
doomsday might not come,
2012 could be just a fake
but something , that we all noe. but we are all in denial
given at this rate. where we pollute and destry and use.
before we even planned for an alternative source of survival
it would onli be a matter of time and luck.
before it ends*poof*

no one is gonna die, we are just gonna end,
so live ur very life to the fullest, do wat u can, do wat u wan if u can.
love life and cherish it
don fall into a pit of despair.
if u do, u better climb back out real quick
cause time is not short nor long.
its just unpredictable


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