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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

haze and such.

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the haze is here again in kampar. after 2 weeks of absence.
mayb cause tis few days no rain . but i doubt thats the case.

the haze is reflecting my mind now. been missing class a lot
mostly due to the fact that i hav a 'geostigma "scar on my face thanks to the fabled"nike" bug
couldnt find much facts bout it cause i dunno its real name .

back to the hazed mind.
i think i m not suppose to exist here.
i seem to be in a passive none active position.
smoky and smoggish

wat good am i sitting or standing
i m just blocking valueble earth space
mayb i M haze.
that explains it
i m seasonal
when i m here ppl will notice so much
they hate my guts.
sometimes on a small fragment of me is here, den they wont mind

~ existence the thing being thought on and on
why is it so hard to prove u lived
to show ur value, to make things glow
to shine in ur own light, to be ultraman of urself
we try to achieve the one thing we need most
acknowledgement of living
will my grave write" someone who was taking on space,thank goodness ure gone now"
its just my downtime, my batterries are a bit out
but its totally rechargable, so screw u world!
u aint getting rid of me that easily... HEHE
enjoy ur joy when i down
cause soon u will feel the wrath of ME!~

sometimes a lil bit more den normal amount of ego will help.
but don put it so much that it becomes a heck of irritation and u become a bloody ass fartfaced snob.



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