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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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Advancing by crawling along the earth is
Just the ordinary climb all over again
Even with my destiny carved out for me, I just take a deep breath
I knew it wasn't enough
The days felt as if they were going to be destroyed by the thunderous roar
The needle-like rain stopped

A dulled eternity is the "symbol of boredom", meaningless
Like a pool made at the bottom of the sea
Painting swirls on the water's surface,
The too-high sky is reflected upon it
If you're joking make it that I understand

I can't take this "boredom" anymore.
Standing still on the stage of life, the courage to fight back
I don't care, I don't care
I wonder if you'll dare smile even without an "existence"...
At the pace of when you just start running
The scenery that flew by
I don't care
Are we going to find out what is really right or wrong?

Finally at the goal you've struggled up to, the truth known for the first time
I wonder if you'll realize it tomorrow...
Even the distorted air ripped off of March
Going up the stairs of life
the journey of truch and growth
seek the path u belong too~

The murmured regrets are clinging to your hand
Is that sharpened blade being swung for the sake of someone else?
or is it to protect ur self.
we would not now where life will bring us. crawling , flying , swimmin

we cross the seas of life, the fields of venture, the sky above
just to live the life we thought is made for us.
but we our self must make that life
its onli a template for us now
we will fill it wit illustrations .
so dat we may live our lives.


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