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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


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the number 4 . ah sei. empat. si .
i m quite attracted to this number. i m not looking for death.
just wondering. what if there is a number associated to one individual .

mine could be 4

mayb i will onli end up in fourth place

mayb my marks will always be 44%

mayb i hav 4 thoughts in my mind right now

oh yea. thats why~!

was lying ,resting during discussion tis noon

den had the weirdest not like dream kind of dream , i was talking to my self

i want to travel the world and meet great people
i want to be successful and help others
i wanna change people around to be better
and i wan to be dependable~

some times i cant even depend on myself.

yea, in a somewhat emo state now. kinda .

think positive~
i wish it was that simple, i m laid back , i m relaxed
but sometimes i find myself fighting a losing battle against society and the world
rushing, stress, negativeness
how can anyone block all of it.

think negative as a ghost. WHOOSH and it swoops inside u
next thing u noe. u feel like u shouldnt be born.

negativeness brings bad news
positiveness brings life
always remember that.

i think i m no long humourous
or mayb its just a draught.~


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