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Saturday, July 25, 2009


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its that time of the sem again~
when people will rush for assignments and get more emo den usual
sien ~

Friday, July 24, 2009

eFFect #3

it was 4 am and the rain came crashing down~
i woke up and went next to the window to enjoy the wind~
if onli the rain are meant to wash away our sorrow and worries~


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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Advancing by crawling along the earth is
Just the ordinary climb all over again
Even with my destiny carved out for me, I just take a deep breath
I knew it wasn't enough
The days felt as if they were going to be destroyed by the thunderous roar
The needle-like rain stopped

A dulled eternity is the "symbol of boredom", meaningless
Like a pool made at the bottom of the sea
Painting swirls on the water's surface,
The too-high sky is reflected upon it
If you're joking make it that I understand

I can't take this "boredom" anymore.
Standing still on the stage of life, the courage to fight back
I don't care, I don't care
I wonder if you'll dare smile even without an "existence"...
At the pace of when you just start running
The scenery that flew by
I don't care
Are we going to find out what is really right or wrong?

Finally at the goal you've struggled up to, the truth known for the first time
I wonder if you'll realize it tomorrow...
Even the distorted air ripped off of March
Going up the stairs of life
the journey of truch and growth
seek the path u belong too~

The murmured regrets are clinging to your hand
Is that sharpened blade being swung for the sake of someone else?
or is it to protect ur self.
we would not now where life will bring us. crawling , flying , swimmin

we cross the seas of life, the fields of venture, the sky above
just to live the life we thought is made for us.
but we our self must make that life
its onli a template for us now
we will fill it wit illustrations .
so dat we may live our lives.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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ei u no standard la

ei can u high standard a bit ar?

what la u can u don come close to me ar? boh standard la u!

yea sure. eh pls la. i got standards wan k? shoo shoo!

if u nv heard these be4 its either u are in the so called *high standards* or u pretend not to hear it

sometimes,i find it heartbreaking when i hear or see these verses or those similiar to it, it just plain contradicts wit the popular quote"evryone is unique"
if evryone is unique den who are we to judge who has high standards and who has low standards?

would u prefer a rich dude wit a sports car who onli talks to his rich peers with hot girls


would u prefer a down to earth guy, not rich , just enough to go through a day and acts stupidly in front of his friends just because he wants evryone to be good and pleasant all the time?

which would u prefer?

stuck up vain guy or class clown happy guy?

some guys are just pure dicks and u wont know it. u think they are almighty with their highclass lifestyle and their rich dads and great GPAs and big club houses.


i would just prefer a simple guy , wearing tatered jeans and an old t-shirt who would think highly of those around him and would care and make sure evryone is happy by means of just showing how happy he is being wit u.

somethings and actually most things cant be measured by standards . seriously ~

if u are the person who thinks someone who isnt serious is low class and a slacker plus drop out. chances are. ure the one who should be called a drop out. cause ppl who aint serious. are the ones who are actually serious. their serious in their own way. because they don care how ppl think. as long as they live how they want and they care of how the people around them are doin.

i would later be the boy who is too poor to buy a flower for a sick friend , den to be a guy who brings a bouqutte of the highest quality flowers to show the people around them how great they are and not because he cares bout the injured person

so just a thought.

before u think compare or even say out things like comparing standards
think again. chances are ure wrong and u hav hurt someone really great and special to the world.
and u killed him ~

taipau!i don need standards~

eFFect #2

ya know?

~if u think bout the future too much, u will forget bout the present.
and hei! i m livin in the present and i m enjoying it ~


Monday, July 20, 2009

eFFect #1

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Do beautiful people glow brighter?
or are just normal people dimmer?


Friday, July 17, 2009

newly customized dota heroes~ lol . i m just an idiot~

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hero type: jobless idiot
Story: He sleeps all day, he talks rubish, a pure deadly idiot, this loser has the ability to end the world due to his lack of effort to all that is to the world. highly intelligent but lazy. he cant get a job anywhere but finally hired by the good force to battle evil. his presence in the force skyrocketed their offensive power.
Skill 1. who needs jobs~
-100 armor status for 60 secs and slow for 40 secs.noobface persuades evryne in an area to give up fighting
Skill 2. boring beam
targets affected by this beam will take 1000 dmg plus a 15 sec stun. the boredom makes its target will-less to fight
Skill 3.give up la!
havin no will to fight sometimes. noob face self destruct in an area makin that area a complete mess. those who come in contact with the area will suffer a -200 armor and dmg reduction plus a 20 sec stun and 20 slow after that. plus 50 dmg evry second in the area.
ultimate-suck of the jobless
when casts. an area radius of 1500 will become infected wit noobface's spell of jobless. anyone in the area wil be killed instantly due to the fact that nobface's laziness is invincible.

name: munching grinder
hero type:cookie monster
Story: born wit acidic stomach and raging metabolism the grinder munches its way through evry inch of this planet , easily manipulated by food , he has yet to chose sides in the war of good and evil, its uncanny strenght to grab food has made it one of the strongest creatures alive.
skill 1: dam good blob
-spits out an acidic blob to slow down enemies for 4 secs and minus 4 armor.
skill 2: bone roar
-bone shattering roar dat gives 300 initial dmg and another 50 dmg which lasts 5 seconds, it stuns the enemy for a random amount of time 1-5 secs.
skill 3: seasoning aura
muncher is able to detect enemy units wit its smell within a 2500 radius. it gains visual of that enemy, when enemy is below 50% . muncher is able to move 30% faster
Ultimate :suction of destruction
muncher opens its mouth to create an unbreakable vortex which sucks in and grinds all units within 2000 of radius which lasts 10 secs and deals 65 dmg per second. if unit is affected by "dam good blob" it is an instant death.

name:serious serious
hero type:serious cock
Story:Grandfather of serious sam, serious cock or serious serious has been around for ages . his serious way of defending his kind is how he is able to defy old age. he walks around wit a smiley face but contains a serious heart. he will not take friend or foe likely. Enemies tremble at the hear of his serious name as they noe he is no joke. He is on the good side but has lil friends to talk to(i wonder why?)
Skill 1: No joke stare
the stare that is able to knock the very soul out of its target. creates a void in a victims mind rendering it unable to move for 7.5 secs and depleting aways its life force.
Skill 2:don play play aura
takes away the humour in an area he walks through.witout joy or confidence enemy in that area have -10 armor and slow by 30%
Skill 3:serious rotan-ing
using the cane of a thousand year, serious will afllict 2.5k dmg unto its target and stuns it for 15 secs. the pain from the caning will strip its target's will to live.this technic is used by generation of serious-es to teach its younger generations to be serious
Ultimate: serious payback
afflicts instant death to those who has made fun of anything at all in the world before. which is practically evryone. nothing escapes this ultimate. instant death to all heroes .

name:hipity hopper pop
hero type: hip hop rocker
Story:Dropped out from the casting of step up and high school musical,hopper pop vowed that he will rise and destroy all that is good. He atks wit his dance ,serving his enemies to the death. An evil force not to be reckoned with. his mvoes of doom will break even the strongest heroes.
Skill 1:death pop lock
hopper pop clings on to 3 enemies at once draining breath from their lungs and lets them taste death a his feet. Locks 3 target for 16 secs while dealing 150 dmg per sec.
skill 2:Dance dance aura
enemy within range of this aura will be force to lose control and dance evry 20 secs and take 200 dmg evytime the dance lasts 4secs evrytimes and after 5 times will result in fatigue and instance death to the target.
Skill 3: move of doom
increases hopper pops dmg by 200 and movement speed by 50% atk speed by 200% and givn 200% splash and 50% to do 5 times critical dmg. this move was thought by hopper pops master the popper hop. to cause penitance to all who has oppose him.
Ultimate: washout dance
givin absolute punishment to all his enemies, casting time 2 secs. causes a gigantic thunder storm which is followed by a flash flood and instance death to all in the game. the most cruel of all moves.

name:dark crack
herotype:hitam black
Story; Born to darkness , the dark crack is from the hitam black clan and the onli one alive now. he causes doom and despair to anyone who crosses his path. The most evil appearance of all the sight of him gives chills down to the very core of your heart,even those who are pure evil take a few a steps aways from this walking mass of dark chaos.
Skill 1: chaos minions
-calls out 25 bats of darkness which will cover the sky blinding all and stripping their armor to nothing and drain life from their happy thoughts and cheerful hearts. deals 100 dmg per bat and regen 200 per drain. lasts 25 second
Skill 2: dark psych wave
a dark wave which crosses 2000 range with 2000 dmg and slowing enemies by 99% for 8 secs. when a unit is hit under this status . it will result in instant death.
Skill 3:perisher of light
an aura formed around the black crack wit 700 radius. those who are in it lose 50% accuracy and 20 armor along wit regen and 70% lose of dmg and speed.those who enter the area of darkness shall perish for there is no light in the realm of darkness.
Ultimate: dark quake
the dark crack touches the ground and makes the earth tremble. thousands of dark snakes will appear and cause 20 dmg per snake to those around it. there is a 50% chance to be binded by the snakes for 60 secs and another 50% chance to be stoned by the snake for 120 secs. . the dark crack shall make fast death for those who hav been affected. this skill oso gives a 200% movement and atk speed to the dark crack and 500% increase in dmg.

i must be the most jobless ass in the world at this very moment. lol. well pls don flame me i m just being stupid. enjoy if u do


i would really love to meet him^.^

1 comment :
Name: Ah Meng
Age: Still young
Sex: Never. Still under age
Religion: I only have experience praying my cat who dead 2 yrs before
Race: I love to race, how you know???
Nationality: I don't like National, I prefer Sanyo
IC Number: 6735
Telephone No: House no telephone
Hand phone No: 3310
Address: Penang Jelutong
City: Nor Haliza?
Postcode: I never post anything
State: In my family, I am 2nd
Country: I love to travel to Canada
Marriage status: Secret
Email Address: Hotmail
Education Background: My teacher said not bad
Working experience: Last time got sell pirated VCD
Father's name: Daddy
Father's IC: You ask him
Mother's name: Mummy
Mother's IC: You ask her
Current Salary: Depends on my daddy mood
Expected Salary: As much as you can pay
When can start work: Depends on my mood
Highest qualification: Ya, very high
Grade: Ya, very high
College/University: College
Signature: Can I use chop?

taipau! LoL

Thursday, July 16, 2009

* Jogging *

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life is kinda like jogging up and down a hill

its 5 am in the morning,
and u need to jog 20 laps around a hill goin 300 meter up ,100m sideways and another 300m down.
and den lets take into account dat u are a good runner and u are used to a good 5 laps around the field
the first five laps up and down the hill is gonna be easy peesy,
and den it starts to burn as u go up and ease out when u go down
by the twelth lap. ur legs start to burn~ u breath heavily , ur lungs and head crave for an out burst of energy, and den the taboo thought comes in"give up"
if u do , all ur efforts are wasted
if u dont, den u might still find a way to take it!
and when u go ahead the last and final lap. u are certain. u can hear a cheer of crowds in a giant stadiumalla round u.

u see life is like the story. its like jogging, up and down and up again. the ups and downs of life. make u wanna quit. make u give up. but if u can somehow pull through it.onli greatness awaits those who hav tried and sweat hard enough to earn true enjoyment.

so keep it up people.its how u see ur self dat u are able to make ur self today +)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

haze and such.

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the haze is here again in kampar. after 2 weeks of absence.
mayb cause tis few days no rain . but i doubt thats the case.

the haze is reflecting my mind now. been missing class a lot
mostly due to the fact that i hav a 'geostigma "scar on my face thanks to the fabled"nike" bug
couldnt find much facts bout it cause i dunno its real name .

back to the hazed mind.
i think i m not suppose to exist here.
i seem to be in a passive none active position.
smoky and smoggish

wat good am i sitting or standing
i m just blocking valueble earth space
mayb i M haze.
that explains it
i m seasonal
when i m here ppl will notice so much
they hate my guts.
sometimes on a small fragment of me is here, den they wont mind

~ existence the thing being thought on and on
why is it so hard to prove u lived
to show ur value, to make things glow
to shine in ur own light, to be ultraman of urself
we try to achieve the one thing we need most
acknowledgement of living
will my grave write" someone who was taking on space,thank goodness ure gone now"
its just my downtime, my batterries are a bit out
but its totally rechargable, so screw u world!
u aint getting rid of me that easily... HEHE
enjoy ur joy when i down
cause soon u will feel the wrath of ME!~

sometimes a lil bit more den normal amount of ego will help.
but don put it so much that it becomes a heck of irritation and u become a bloody ass fartfaced snob.



lol. randomness in my head~

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During the Calm before the storm , there are moving pictures and people who are pretty in punk , short fast and loud they were with switch blades and infidelity. i toast champagne for my real friends and of all the gin joints in all the world i would like to hav just 7 minutes in heaven before i start to dance dance and get busy livin or get busy dying.The take over the breaks over cause this ain't a scene its's an arm race and its a thriller cause ure crashing but you're no wave so thanks for the memories you charlatan

Friday night, i think we're alone now , so i'll take my chance , just the girl , the pop princess wanna catch ur wave and say goodnight ,i had a good day . when i m gone its the flipside, a long way to go .the reason why all i need is you is cause i wil be empty witout u

Oh beautiful soul , get your shine on, come to me , without u the stupid things make no good life . why is love so hard to find , that was then come to me , whats your name? just so u know cant let u go because u live we can go anywhere just go blow ur mind right back in the water feeling invincible, leavin told u so not your enemy, how do u sleep running, relapse my baby ,make up and departure.

i need a place for my head, forgotten, its pushing me away , i m by melf runaway crawling i need cure for the itch , a papercut , with u in the end one step closer to high voltage. i need somewhere i belong , i need a foreword a session , don't stay! hit the floor! faint! lying from you breaking the habit from the inside but nobody is listening its easier to run den be numb,i wake i given up i bleed it out i m gonna leave out all the rest in the shadow of the day with hands held high no more sorrows in between valentines day , laying in pieces and the little things give u away~


Saturday, July 11, 2009

i notice

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i notice that ppl tend to allow them self to lose control
they just dunno what their doin anymore

i notice when the snow falls , it gets cold and
ppl wanna get warm and when its hot
we wan that snow
their is a balance in life
and we wanna find it
but somehow along the way
we lost that balance
and in my view.


we might nv find it again.
we wrecked it. wit our own greed.
our own desire to go so fast
dat we overtook mother nature. and left her behind

we cut a forest in a few days
mother nature can onli grow them back in years

we invent air conds and fridges
when the ozone couldnt even thicken

we pollute the air wit smoke and ekzos , fumes and haze
but does the earth hav its own purifier? could that tiny purifier u bought for a few bucks help shape up the earth again. {i think NOT}

i hate myself, for the fact that i TOO couldnt let my self go anymore.
from laptops, handphones, internet, and cars
i crave for a better sound system. a faster processor
better graphics, new movies.
i wan a ten mp camera phone, wit THX sound system,
i wan someone to invent a VR gaming device.

this imbalanced life that we hav made our self in. could nv be chged ever again
doomsday might not come,
2012 could be just a fake
but something , that we all noe. but we are all in denial
given at this rate. where we pollute and destry and use.
before we even planned for an alternative source of survival
it would onli be a matter of time and luck.
before it ends*poof*

no one is gonna die, we are just gonna end,
so live ur very life to the fullest, do wat u can, do wat u wan if u can.
love life and cherish it
don fall into a pit of despair.
if u do, u better climb back out real quick
cause time is not short nor long.
its just unpredictable


Thursday, July 9, 2009

picked up

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i guess i've been picked up once again from being a failure
^.^ thanks~

LoL, many assignments to be rushed , evryone is hectic as usual, well~~ u noe how it is la!
i think i screwed myself over and over again den came back again tis sem. i ust don notice it. lol
sometimes i feel tremendous pressure around me but i cant seem to pin point wat it is
guess i will just go along wit it

notice that my blog is practically dead borin, mayb i should start uploading cute cuddly , or disgusting pictures to attract attention , haha.

but i think i should just keep it discreet, if ya like my blog den read it. if ya dont. den i m sorry i couldnt please evryone! HAHAHAHA.

come all, try to come.
into my realm of uncertainty
come at ur own risk,
for it is ur own lives.

DAM i wish life was a bit more fantasy like! i wouldnt mind swinging a big ass blade killing monsters man.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

lets go. use the heart!!!!

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i have a heart that think continuously and illustrates
the 100 pages of wishes that I want to accomplish
I believe the true victory or defeat,
can definitely be found there

The notebook thrown high up,
at that page that will open by chance,
I tried writing everything that comes to mind

Subjects that I am concerned with: first love; things that I desire for;
the words of those whom I respect.
Even the things that can't be mentioned here, [secret]
is written here anyway.

So eventually, my dream (ambition) will also be written repeatedly with this fat pen.

This raging heart that turns endlessly and working tirelessly:
the 100 pages of hopes that I want to make come true.
The number of times I give up and the number of failures were the same.
The data that can be derived
from this unpleasant experience,
proves that the number of times that I didn't give up and the number of times I succeed were the same.



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Day in day out
we grow
we stay
we live

how much more will we struggle?
how much more do we fight?

let the sun shine through ur soul
let the reflection of the moon be ur guide in the dark skies

we were born
we live
we grow old
and den we die

once u think that u are enuf and satisfy with life. u stop growing

i onli wish for a better place



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the number 4 . ah sei. empat. si .
i m quite attracted to this number. i m not looking for death.
just wondering. what if there is a number associated to one individual .

mine could be 4

mayb i will onli end up in fourth place

mayb my marks will always be 44%

mayb i hav 4 thoughts in my mind right now

oh yea. thats why~!

was lying ,resting during discussion tis noon

den had the weirdest not like dream kind of dream , i was talking to my self

i want to travel the world and meet great people
i want to be successful and help others
i wanna change people around to be better
and i wan to be dependable~

some times i cant even depend on myself.

yea, in a somewhat emo state now. kinda .

think positive~
i wish it was that simple, i m laid back , i m relaxed
but sometimes i find myself fighting a losing battle against society and the world
rushing, stress, negativeness
how can anyone block all of it.

think negative as a ghost. WHOOSH and it swoops inside u
next thing u noe. u feel like u shouldnt be born.

negativeness brings bad news
positiveness brings life
always remember that.

i think i m no long humourous
or mayb its just a draught.~


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