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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~sitting on my chair~

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~i m sitting on tis dark chair of mine~
i m not lonely
i m not sad
its jus me thinking
of wat hav i been doin for the
past few weeks

i learnt a lot in this 3 weeks
some which its for me to noe
cause its my resolution
for years to come

i met new friends,Sp and Py
who i just made friends
nice ppl they are
i met my roomates gf
nice girl oso just a bit

i finally got the courage
or so to say chance!
to know more of my course mates
hope everything goes well

i met new lecturers and old too
they are nice, helpful as usual
lucky me
but some tend to kill my brain
of bad pronuanciation (sry=P)

more basketball buddies
nice to hang around
friends are nice
whether their intention are the same as yours
havin company is something gd

gain confidence that i lost
a new resolve i made
will i be able to do it ?
i hav yet to confirm it
but one things for sure
its gonna be great
all i need is to be more
~into it~

hmm, sometimes i ponder
i think to myself
why do ppl
tend to be selfish
or unjust
and sometimes they don
is it really like how they say?
"depends la"
~wished it wouldnt be like that~

public speaking expanded my mind a bit
wat penny ,khai ning and lim wei
really made me think
of who i was before
don ask me why
but i lost 2 and a half years
but i tend to gain back
studying in UTAR
is changing me
shaping me
i m meeting more ppl
more peers

i m still like a sponge
not just cause i eat alot
i pick up bits and piece of life
where it sucks
or it is good
i tend to make it a part of me
i wish to help ppl
but somehow
its hard to say
"hei, i'll help u!'
they will just think u are trying something
that pisses me so much
oh well
i guess i will stop here
gotta get of tis chair
ma ass is itching


1 comment :

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