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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


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i don hav to time to emo again anymore

i don hav to time to try to be emo

i m coming back

yes i m , on my way. almost there

2 and half years ago that me!

feel the greatness of me
the awesome undeniable attraction i will hav again

BOOM! baby!

benjamin's back.

gotta keep movin in ur life u know?

but u gotta keep it in ur own pace too.

don ever let the swerling vortex of stress grab u in~

u gotta rule it out wit that fist of yours

grab it and punch it.

strive for that thing u wan~

if u don hav anything u wan ~
den strive to find it. no one gonna stop u

always remember! there are gonna be people who will be bliving in u,
so if u cant beliv in yourself~ bliv in the people who blivs in u !

come try it
life is just way to short for u to try to believe onli in urself!


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