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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Life brings joy and sorrow 

This road leads to my dream 
Yes, it's always a play fair street 
Yes, I'm mainly just a little bit curious 
My feelings that gush forth, are already serious 
An unwavering thought

The past 

Far away 
I give everything to tomorrow 
Fly away 
A tomorrow that is the color of the sky 

Our trip rises us infinitely high 
Randomly shooting out vibes 
Heading toward a place where there's no compromise 
One step ahead, keep on
The dreams that I had when I was a kid 
A wish that I made on a shooting star 
We'll grasp ahold of them together 
The words of a promise made just once 
This is the dream 
It's as though I'm arriving at it 
After one take, we can't go back 
A hand creeps near, a gigantic wall 
I want to grasp it, because I can't reach it 
Before the days that we compete as much as it takes 
Weightless fantasies change form

Yes, beneath this sky

Everything far away 

Everything far away 

sometimes we tend to forget that we had dreams before, don throw it away.

we might not make our dream, but it gives us strenght, don get too pulled into the world

give ur self some space

sometimes a little fantasy do much good



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