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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kampar NOW!

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first things first, the haze is back, i dunno where they came from. but they came back but least its not that stephen king thriller "the mist" which btw is a good movie , IF u noe how to appreciate it.

ok now, i heard kampar has recently been announced a bandar or something, one step above daerah la. but thats actually the bad news. 

the reason of the promotion is due to the population increment to kampar thanks to the UTAR kampar may 2009 admission and now the campus accomodates 7000++ students .

well i hav nothing against the students, more company means more fun.(mostly)

but den these ppl!

they COME with their nice ass cars , parking here and there. its flooded wit cars now ! cars!
whats the bloody problem wit cycling around man. 

these ppl, most of them think their soooooo dam cool with their rides but in fact it aint cool. it just shows how unwilling u are to take a bit of independent hardship. 

awww come on la, whats the bloody harm in cycling to classes ? or for a meal? the hill to campus to much? come on la! 

"wat if it rains?" says them, den take the bus , or get a rain coat. or even better, put dry clothes in the plastic bag and change when u reach campus la! thats wat i DO!

omg la. its so dam inconsiderate, the roads are blocked up, and the ekzos from ur pathetic "i think i m cool" rides are like a buffet for mr haze.

think la ppl.

its already dam hot around here!
bloody good job makin matters worst!


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