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Sunday, June 7, 2009

jrock rocks

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You say 50 cent - I say Dir en grey
You say Britney Spears - I say Moon Kana
You say lil wayne - I say Miyavi
You say Jonas Brothers - I say An Cafe
You say Miley Cyrus - I say lm.c
You say HSM - I say polysics
You say rap - I say Jrock
You say pop - I say Jpop
You say hip hop - Visual kei

92% of kids have turned to rap, pop, & hip hop. If your one of the jrockers out there copy and paste to 4 videos to kill disney channel stars and "M"TV, no longer rap music, just lousy tv shows.

hahah, if u really notice, a lot of entertainment and goin too deep in the profit makin biz and the stars and artists just go wit the flow, but hei! who blames them , economy aint that good now!

but most jrock bands don really care bout money, their agents do , but all they need is coverage, decent living and a way to transfer their music to the whole world, i say tis in exception to tohoshinki , i just don get why their so famous! bah!

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