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Thursday, June 18, 2009

head drop count!

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lol. man today sucks lol
i was falling alsleep during both of lectures today, my head keep comin down. lol
i probably head drop about 50 times !
lol . oh well. color studies is soooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying
the subject is ike a nagging grandma. haha

interactive media is just as bad, my goodness its such a big hassle trying to create a multimedia project haha!

but i still love tis course. haha. its got all the things i want. (besides moral laaAA)
hope i can land a job that can bring me around the world. that would be so awesome . hehe. FOR FREE TOO!

In the instant you notice your surroundings, when you start walking with your head up
What's before your eyes is the enemy of truth, once again you feel a seething sensation
You control your trembling and glare, your desires laid bare, you begin to move
Yeah, you can be an unchallenged player
Forward, forward down the hard road, as the days pile up, you come closer to perfection

stay strong in tis hard life. strive through and dawn will come!
let my words be guide to u
i hope i could just make a lilttle difference
in anyone who stumbles across my little blog of effects~



1 comment :

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