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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

to all my negative friends~

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my twin who looks like me
but not that much at all
What's the matter?
Even your shoelaces
are just left untied
you're spacing out

a narrow escape
a bet that's almost impossible
by anybody's bet
I want to enjoy it

I think I can

in the black forest without
day or night
the brave chameleon was
glaring at the discarded

you went away without
saying a word
u tought of dark gloomy futures

shout it out!

I know about your
sorrow darken dreams
u can't fool anyone anymore
sleeping or waking, say!

when life is at its darkest
bring out that glow in the dark stick
u hav thrown aside since that concert
let it once again give u that awesomeness
of pure energy
that spirit which the sun itself could melt
the arctic winds disperse as u cross

u are way better den dat, because u CAN!
don do the things people do
do those that u do
and let those people look at u
and admire
ur overwhelming self esteem
that will bring u anywhere
and every where

come my friends i know u CAN!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Public speaking presentation summary (by popular demand ^.^)

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title: the best place in the world for ME

speech draft:
the most comfortable place in the world for me is definitely home, becaue home is where we were brought and where we feel most safe at~
well~ the best place in the world for me , though i onli experienced it for 1 year so far but its already enuf to convince me. its KAMPAR.
being here one year, basicly many stories about the boringness, the dullness, the simplicity , the lack of advancement . well there ARE some points which i couldnt deny, especially those coming from ppl whose home town are like KL or penang.
but i don really seem to find those true statements hard to dealt, being someone who has lived in KL and PJ for the pass 21 years has givin me ample encounters to know takin a short break from it would not hurt at all. in fact it will actually be a really nice break from all the hassle of a city life.
kampar has a vy serene atmosphere, nice views and relaxing moments which u can spend wit ur friends. play basketball , jogging, volleyball , badminton or even just lying on ur bed with a good book. or messing around wit wat ever ingredients u hav to cook. ^.^
studyin here is good. we lose at least half of the distraction of entertaining lifestyles and THINK
in 2 or 3 years time we WILL be off to work.
deadlines! late nights ! group projects ! grand projects! the onli time offs we get are from annual leaves and lucky sundays which we happen to just finish A project!
of course u can say u will be able to afford trips every where to relax. but at that time when u relax. u will still noe deep down inside u that when u r done, work is back again!
so for me these 3 years will be my last pit stop before i go to work and i would wanna make the best of best of it!

so mayb if wat ever i say makes any sense to u~ mayb u can try it too eh?

thank u

^.^ taipau!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

rain lu~

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after a week of hazy shit, finally it rain

haha. hope it continues some more , more and more.

pour baby pour baby~

ah~~~ sweet sweet kampar rain~


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two of u
so cold
a new couple
to add to my collection of wonderful friends =)
its true ,my new friends
i do not care
cause once i acknowledge
its a pact
i will help and help i will
in my power , in any way
for u are now
one of my most important


Thursday, June 18, 2009


yeap! thats my chinese name~
cool ei?
haha, loved it, now i m loving it more.

the 玮 means jade in chinese deep meaning

lol its kinda of feminine

thats cause i was a brat at young so they decided to chg it into a more so to say docile name

haha like hell that worked?!

oso i hav a friend who has a bloody cool chinese name!!! cheerS!


head drop count!

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lol. man today sucks lol
i was falling alsleep during both of lectures today, my head keep comin down. lol
i probably head drop about 50 times !
lol . oh well. color studies is soooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying
the subject is ike a nagging grandma. haha

interactive media is just as bad, my goodness its such a big hassle trying to create a multimedia project haha!

but i still love tis course. haha. its got all the things i want. (besides moral laaAA)
hope i can land a job that can bring me around the world. that would be so awesome . hehe. FOR FREE TOO!

In the instant you notice your surroundings, when you start walking with your head up
What's before your eyes is the enemy of truth, once again you feel a seething sensation
You control your trembling and glare, your desires laid bare, you begin to move
Yeah, you can be an unchallenged player
Forward, forward down the hard road, as the days pile up, you come closer to perfection

stay strong in tis hard life. strive through and dawn will come!
let my words be guide to u
i hope i could just make a lilttle difference
in anyone who stumbles across my little blog of effects~



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

dear dreaming me~

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hei dreaming me! do u drool when u sleep in class?

Dreaming me : nope! never!

here there u go SP done!

~conflicts of life~

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nothing is wrong
nothing is right
evrything is just how u see it ~
its how u perceive it

no one can tell u who is evil
who is good
who is right
and who is wrong

so just go wit the flow
as long as u can be true to urself
its gonna be find
ur roots will show u who u r

~foot steps~
i took a look at myself again
am i who i m
i can proudly say i m
call me wat u wan
u will know soon, how m i really

i was shaped in a harsh environment,
my life experience is jumped a few years ahead
i hav seen many deaths of relatives and ppl
i grieved, and they who left me
gave me strenght to go on
a confidence to walk on

i don hav eyes of a hawk
i cant see that stupid ray of light that evryone talks about
but i can see the road i stand on
i trip i fall
and i stood up
and continue, whether will i find that light or
actually i m that light
i will not know now
but i m livin my life at its present. makin the best of it^.^

don complain too much bout life, its how u live it thats important~


~sitting on my chair~

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~i m sitting on tis dark chair of mine~
i m not lonely
i m not sad
its jus me thinking
of wat hav i been doin for the
past few weeks

i learnt a lot in this 3 weeks
some which its for me to noe
cause its my resolution
for years to come

i met new friends,Sp and Py
who i just made friends
nice ppl they are
i met my roomates gf
nice girl oso just a bit

i finally got the courage
or so to say chance!
to know more of my course mates
hope everything goes well

i met new lecturers and old too
they are nice, helpful as usual
lucky me
but some tend to kill my brain
of bad pronuanciation (sry=P)

more basketball buddies
nice to hang around
friends are nice
whether their intention are the same as yours
havin company is something gd

gain confidence that i lost
a new resolve i made
will i be able to do it ?
i hav yet to confirm it
but one things for sure
its gonna be great
all i need is to be more
~into it~

hmm, sometimes i ponder
i think to myself
why do ppl
tend to be selfish
or unjust
and sometimes they don
is it really like how they say?
"depends la"
~wished it wouldnt be like that~

public speaking expanded my mind a bit
wat penny ,khai ning and lim wei
really made me think
of who i was before
don ask me why
but i lost 2 and a half years
but i tend to gain back
studying in UTAR
is changing me
shaping me
i m meeting more ppl
more peers

i m still like a sponge
not just cause i eat alot
i pick up bits and piece of life
where it sucks
or it is good
i tend to make it a part of me
i wish to help ppl
but somehow
its hard to say
"hei, i'll help u!'
they will just think u are trying something
that pisses me so much
oh well
i guess i will stop here
gotta get of tis chair
ma ass is itching


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


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i don hav to time to emo again anymore

i don hav to time to try to be emo

i m coming back

yes i m , on my way. almost there

2 and half years ago that me!

feel the greatness of me
the awesome undeniable attraction i will hav again

BOOM! baby!

benjamin's back.

gotta keep movin in ur life u know?

but u gotta keep it in ur own pace too.

don ever let the swerling vortex of stress grab u in~

u gotta rule it out wit that fist of yours

grab it and punch it.

strive for that thing u wan~

if u don hav anything u wan ~
den strive to find it. no one gonna stop u

always remember! there are gonna be people who will be bliving in u,
so if u cant beliv in yourself~ bliv in the people who blivs in u !

come try it
life is just way to short for u to try to believe onli in urself!


omg ~

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i m getting boring,

and i m bored getting boring

its not cause its boring here

its just dat not being able to blog nicely is becoming a real bore

~lol~ ]

it rained the other day , wind so strong

nice ~

but den today , sipeh sunny lo, dam it

when the monsoon season comin la,

we need it quick man.

3rd week of sem liao, still being laid back, but the assignments are starting to poor in, i gotta get ready for the rush period ~ lol. dunno if i can handle tis one. brace urself!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

jrock rocks

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You say 50 cent - I say Dir en grey
You say Britney Spears - I say Moon Kana
You say lil wayne - I say Miyavi
You say Jonas Brothers - I say An Cafe
You say Miley Cyrus - I say lm.c
You say HSM - I say polysics
You say rap - I say Jrock
You say pop - I say Jpop
You say hip hop - Visual kei

92% of kids have turned to rap, pop, & hip hop. If your one of the jrockers out there copy and paste to 4 videos to kill disney channel stars and "M"TV, no longer rap music, just lousy tv shows.

hahah, if u really notice, a lot of entertainment and goin too deep in the profit makin biz and the stars and artists just go wit the flow, but hei! who blames them , economy aint that good now!

but most jrock bands don really care bout money, their agents do , but all they need is coverage, decent living and a way to transfer their music to the whole world, i say tis in exception to tohoshinki , i just don get why their so famous! bah!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

just a blog~

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kampar. same ol same ol,
+2000 population
+vehicle 200 pieces
+bicycle 3x

haha. tis sucks

i think soon enough , they gonna claim kampar new town as BANDAR SATELITE UTAR.

ppl just don seem to notice how badly they are screwing up the world, they will tell u they noe , but they DONT.

earth , if u can hear me, i m so so sorry =(

pls be strong

, here is something, haha

the coolest person around is a corpse, the corpse is independent and untroubled by the world, the corpse is actually vy cool, the stupid corpse contributes nothing by being cool.



i don need a pink cabbage, the normal wan would do fine,

why would we need cars wit faster speed?unless it can break through dimensions , i don see why

so try to keep things simple la. aiyo!


Friday, June 5, 2009

really nice exam answers i picked up around . lol!

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i know some are hard to see, lol. try ur best , i m sorry haha

Thursday, June 4, 2009


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breath it , take it, love it, pls don leave me air, i need u 

pls don be polluted, i will save u i will take care of u


i care!

~broken chains~

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its broken~ its Free~ no more dumb stupid chains~

i m here ! i m Now!

i will be better

i will be good

the purity in u will shine me through and through.

time to get my shine on


smiling in ur glow


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Life brings joy and sorrow 

This road leads to my dream 
Yes, it's always a play fair street 
Yes, I'm mainly just a little bit curious 
My feelings that gush forth, are already serious 
An unwavering thought

The past 

Far away 
I give everything to tomorrow 
Fly away 
A tomorrow that is the color of the sky 

Our trip rises us infinitely high 
Randomly shooting out vibes 
Heading toward a place where there's no compromise 
One step ahead, keep on
The dreams that I had when I was a kid 
A wish that I made on a shooting star 
We'll grasp ahold of them together 
The words of a promise made just once 
This is the dream 
It's as though I'm arriving at it 
After one take, we can't go back 
A hand creeps near, a gigantic wall 
I want to grasp it, because I can't reach it 
Before the days that we compete as much as it takes 
Weightless fantasies change form

Yes, beneath this sky

Everything far away 

Everything far away 

sometimes we tend to forget that we had dreams before, don throw it away.

we might not make our dream, but it gives us strenght, don get too pulled into the world

give ur self some space

sometimes a little fantasy do much good



~heat wave~ and ultimately broke!

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shit, its 33 degrees at 4 am .dumb ass haze and the heat is takin essence of our lives away man


i m so broke

my account is a pathetic zero

and its zero till next week or two


but u gotta think positive, mayb the money will be comin in earlier 

i wish so

i living by a thread here ! ahaha

pls do take care of the environment ppl!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kampar NOW!

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first things first, the haze is back, i dunno where they came from. but they came back but least its not that stephen king thriller "the mist" which btw is a good movie , IF u noe how to appreciate it.

ok now, i heard kampar has recently been announced a bandar or something, one step above daerah la. but thats actually the bad news. 

the reason of the promotion is due to the population increment to kampar thanks to the UTAR kampar may 2009 admission and now the campus accomodates 7000++ students .

well i hav nothing against the students, more company means more fun.(mostly)

but den these ppl!

they COME with their nice ass cars , parking here and there. its flooded wit cars now ! cars!
whats the bloody problem wit cycling around man. 

these ppl, most of them think their soooooo dam cool with their rides but in fact it aint cool. it just shows how unwilling u are to take a bit of independent hardship. 

awww come on la, whats the bloody harm in cycling to classes ? or for a meal? the hill to campus to much? come on la! 

"wat if it rains?" says them, den take the bus , or get a rain coat. or even better, put dry clothes in the plastic bag and change when u reach campus la! thats wat i DO!

omg la. its so dam inconsiderate, the roads are blocked up, and the ekzos from ur pathetic "i think i m cool" rides are like a buffet for mr haze.

think la ppl.

its already dam hot around here!
bloody good job makin matters worst!


account deleted! accidently

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omg. here is my new blog.
taipau here from i

due to some accident , my old blog got removed by me, i think. it was a pure accident

long ass tory made short = i screwed up

oh well. might as well i give it another try

taipau is back! 

and keeping things goin 

until another near fatal accident!


Bersih 3.0 and I

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