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Thursday, December 31, 2009

avatar~ a review~

while my memory is still fresh and my heart in sync with avatar the movie

no not this,

but this

first of all, it didnt suck at all,but at the beginning my mind wasnt at all twitted to even glance at the trailer of the shows, den i saw the trailer, but nope it didnt catch my attention either, my mind was on, giant overgrown smurfs fighting marines, 3d? cg enhance, yea , probably another war film with massive explosions and gunshots. guess i have to take my words back now that i had a chance to watch it

i watch it in 3d at the GSC signature hall premiere class with my family~yeap wat a way to watch it. the thing was, as i sat down for the first 15 min i was kinda thinking it was typical, den slow without realising it until later i was sucked into the movie , a world of forest and ugly but oso cool looking creatures, a story so much to be told, the 3 hours seemed insignificant.

i thought it would be a walk out like wat titanic did to me, but james cameron showed me otherwise. i m not gonna spoil the story, but the main character was made in a vy special way, a paraplegic for that matter, giant blue natives, a whole diff world and planet.

it wasnt the graphics that got me (although i thought the gigantic floating rocks were cool) , but the conceptual design of the beings , the creation of creatures that make u think they actually exists, and there was a special ability that the natives hav that u would nv thought off.

As a stand alone experience, i absolutely recommend avatar,but i wont be goin for repeated viewings.Avatar is innovative and visually spectacular.i felt many emotions throughout the movie, and sad to say, its kinda of real.

well done to cameron for delivering such a ground breaking experience.

rating: 4/5

side note: personally i would prefer tis over transformer :P


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sem break bored

very much like most people, sem break is all about shopping goin out or just slacking at home.

well, same here, but i don seem to hav the mood to go out with my friends

numerous reasons contribute to that
1. the lack of a transport
2.the damn buses are slow
3.the faster buses are 20 mins walk away
4.i don hav much money to use..


i m such a boring sad man.

lucky i don hav much self pity, although sometimes it doe occur

so here are some random pics i picked up out of boredom, enjoy!

takuya from uverworld

tis would be so annoying!
if onli buildings was built like that
no wonder chipmunks were chosen to sing instead of squirrels


Saturday, December 26, 2009

could u?

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could u see me , when i waving across the streets
could u wait just a little bit
could u STOP and help a lady cross the road
before u go get urself a drink

can u see the boy crying
can u see the baby dying
can u look around u
and dare tell me there is nothing wrong in tis world

do u think u can change the world
do u think life goes on rotting
do u not care
do u just bare

typing tis out in a dark dark room
i see the glowing moon
outside in the midnight black
yes, the glowing moon

come to think of it,
the sun gives life
when its already bright
den the moon does wat

yes, the moon shines brightest at night
the moon is the beacon of hope
for many adrift
guide them back like a sailing ship and the light house

rapes and fights
gangs and snatches
robberies and thievery
wars and deaths

peace are u there?
there is "lie" in believe
there is "over" in lover
but wait! there is NO war or death or even kill in PEACE

the rantings of stupid blogger
who is always a bugger
has the right heart to feel the world
but not the right stuff to heal the world

darken spirits
blacken hearts
chacoaled souls
pitch black minds

~taipau~ a gloomy post~

Friday, December 25, 2009

clubs and smokes

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Clubbing, the hit culture of malaysia.

i don see the importance of it, i don see the significance of it, why does it have to be must do things.
i hear my classmates and coursemates saying things that i have heard so long ago

"exam finish!, jom clubbing,woo hoo"

"wat else to do, lets go clubbing man"

" go clubbing pick up chicks come!"

these are the guys, and when u finish exam, u don hav stress, therefore u don go clubbing to blow off steam. having nothing to do at the moment doesnt give u a straight detour to clubbing, and club chicks arent gonna be picked up by u mostly they just go to dance stewpid~

for the girls

" hei girls let go dance it off, its just so nice"

"i like the music they play , yippee"

" i need sex right now, time to pick a guy at the club"

now, girls if u wan dance it off, i noe the club is a good place. but why not get together at a sleepover, i m sure ur parents wont mind some loud noises if they were to choose u goin to a club and u making freaking huge noises in their house. the music they play is available at youtube, kuwo applications, and any google related searches. third one , guys!
YOU WISH!. it onli happens when the girl is drunk to faint. it doesnt happen in real life man.



(if u find that tis post is anyway offending u, i m sry, let me know if i m DAT wrong.)

call me an old outdated retarded fool if u wan. tq

blog blocked?

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i cant seem to feel vy writey nowadays. cant seem to find anything to blog about.

hmm, well came back to pj two days ago, got nothing much to do

had a wonderful christmas with my family. as usual

got a lot useful gifts, evryone had a great time.


ok the new years are coming, i feel a dark clouding looming over me. i m such a killjoy sometimes. but its all for a safe and good cause right? or mayb i m just over protective. sigh.
wat ever it is, i m sry. i m old

yeap, i m feeling so dam old, i nag like an old man.

i understood a few years back already, why adults are naggy. its all for the greater good. they had their share being the nag victims. now its their turn, sometimes its just not gonna work without nagging.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

hometown time.

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goin back hometown soon. takin the train, ^^

see ya kampar.

will miss ya


Sunday, December 13, 2009

food special!ice mountain at station r ,kampar

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do not think tis is a camera/angle trick, even it is a little, but this dessert is worth dying for, ice covered with fresh fruit juices, and bottomed by fresh fruits ,its the best ice and worthy dessert for any day. haagen daze could not achieve even 20% of how good this ice mountain feels.

located at station R cafe, kampar new town, right next to the kampar hotel.

price:rm 5.90

flavour: watermelon,honeydew,banana,pineapple and mango

fruits at the bottom:papaya, watermelon,mango,longan,lychee,honey dew

rating: 5/5

come again rate: evry possible night ^^


food special! the dong po meat at kampar old town,东坡肉


Dongpo Meat is a well-known dish in East China's Zhejiang Province. It is named after Su Dongpo, a literary giant who lived about 900 years ago. The story is that when he was the prefectural governor of Hang Zhou, he had a dam built across the West Lake. The lake was dredged and became a rich source of irrigation for the farmland, thus making it possible for the local people to have a bumper harvest each year.

When many folks went to SuDongpo's home to wish him Happy New Year. They took along pork and wine to show their thanks. Dongpo cooked the meat in a special way and sent to people to enjoy it. The local people greatly praised Dongpo for his good work on the dam and named the dish Dongpo Meat.

Dongpo Meat is as soft as fresh bean curd. Velvety but never oily, oozing from every bite the perfect match of the distinctive fragrance of Shaoxing wine and the sweetness of meat.Today, Dongpo Meat ranked on the top of the list of dishes. When people hold a feast, Dongpo Meat is still often featured.

Kampar old town's dongpo meat offers just about the same taste as it describes, HECK its even better, everyone should try it, its simply mouth pleasuring. lol the taste is so refine that it makes the fat of the pork taste just like meat. if u are ever coming to kampar. let me know. i will bring u there, cause if u nv taste tis in life, den u nv tasted life. haha. serious good shit!

price: rm 5.60 per person

served in a claypot and sauce accompanied with rice

rating: 6 out 5 (broken limit)

come again rate: OF COURSE



i found out i m just like anybody. *sigh*

goin out now. see ya


Saturday, December 12, 2009


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todays the first days of finals and i thought it was a 9 am examination, so i got there at 8 am and decided to study a bit, den realized it was 2 pm. go back sleep wake up at 12 and try again. lol.

examination subject. International Advertising

Damage done to paper: BOOM ! HEADSHOT WITH A RIFLE

status of survival : health 100%
armor 100%
weopen 100%
ammo 0 left.

all i need is one hit!. BOOM. lol


Friday, December 11, 2009

boom boom panic atk! finals again.

sien la!, it the finals again, and here i m , ignorant and clueless again, everyone is panicking, even people who don study are studying.

come to think of it, i nv had much of a red alert crisis for exams, i mean, i noe i m dead, but some part of me still hopes that 1 day, results don matter, but sadly i live here, a place where there is a huge gap between the A's and the A-'s, like really, one small dot and u lose.

inflations are coming, the end of the world is prophesized(a movie was made out of it too-well one thing good about a movie titled <2012>u noe they cant make a sequel to it), vampires glitter in the sun, werewolves are gay, my 1 tb is losing space and den we worry about finals!. well as they say life goes on. u cant help but see these signs everywhere when the finals are here, specially u are staying near campus at a students residential area.

den people get all emo-fied and start bitch slapping each other, times of war i have to say, there aint a place for some noob like me wandering around carefree and happy faced. this study zombie will eat ur brains out and u aint got no katana with u.

but why panic!

u noe what u already noe, and wat u dunno HEI! why bother, if u are gonna cramp for the last few days, don be a grouchy douche bag or a bloody emo bitch alright? i met a few in my life, now i avoid them at these times.

i hate it when people try to get all serious and rowdy even though their not like dat to begin with, wtf man, take a chill pill (lame alert)

its ok if u wanna score high grades, but just remember, being an asshole while doin it is just wrong, its like spitting out banana seeds.


choose between

1. dont panic-relax, keep ur friends, and work it through cooly and actually remember wat u study after the exams
2. panic - lose ur friends, cramp 4 days and four nights, lose ur hair, cary gucci's under ur eyes, pissed everyone off, and power through and den forget that it even happened.

if u asked me , i would rather have sweet memories and a good nights dream ^^

*gay smiles*
Good luck for ur exams people, if any of u Utarians actually read tis"


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

~interdimensional instability man girl shrieking~

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with the new installment of the left 4 dead range, left 4 dead 2 , i of course would go and try it out , not being a fan of the first game, i found the second one much more entertaining with he addition of the magnum pistol and melee weopens, it practically makes the survivors even more lethal den the zombies, well at least to me that is.

here is the normal version to play the game, kill the zombies, kill some special infected if they are IN FRONT OF U, don piss the witch off, run away from the tanker, never shoot the cars with alarms and run to the safe houses

here is my version of the game,
find evry single zombie and blast their head of point blank if possible
when u here a special infected, kill it, nv leave it behind, make a u turn to get him if u hav to
when u see the witch, just shoot it, if u cant see her, find her, that crying is blardy annoying
when a tanker comes, run at it like its a pinata with money inside, melee weopens of course, and start bashing it.
and stand at the safe house and shoot anything that moves.

the witch bitch, haha , main target for any survivor although ure suppose to avoid her

u know when u play games at the cyber cafes, its quite fun, with the noisy atmosphere and stuff.
i mean in dota , u will here" hey stun !" or "b b b !" it sounds cool, according to my bro.
and den when u play l4d , u got ur guys SHOUTING orders' like " hey theres a smoker behind"
"get the hunter first" "watch out for that charger"
but den recently, with the problem that the game is too damn easy to familiarize with, u get the screaming lil man girls playing the game, when the girls scream is kinda funny ,i mean, its normal.
when these man girls do it, well~~~

just imagine high pitch screams from a guy, " help me, help me" , oh shit i got no bullets, OMG its eating me, hey come back, hei don leave me behind.

AHHHHH! those things are fugly! ewwwww! *barbie doll voice"

ure in a cyber cafe bro, all respect for u is gone once u hit the first wondow shattering tone man.


oh well, as for l4d 2, give it a try, its cool


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

kampar kawan bonanza!

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kampar pictures of my friends, the basketball competitions, the carnivals, the steamboat nights, the bbq nights. the random days. the sweet uni memories.

and last but not least my best friend, girl friend ,future would be wife, THAM HUI MIN ^^
blur blur but she likes it. lol


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